About Me



I have an obsessive love for food. I can cross utensils with the best of them as a remorseless, hungry omnivore set on consuming the tastiest damn thing on Earth. Is that a taco truck I see? You bet I’ll be trying those tacos al pastor — or maybe de lengua. Yeah, tongue. Suck it! Or a side of lightly seared foie gras with candied figs because it’s buttery goodness. Those overstuffed geese died for something, and I’ll honor their deaths by eating their fatty livers. From street food to Michelin-starred holy grails, I’ll eat it. And take pictures as evidence. Because that’s how I roll.

Harbinger of Headshots. Chaser of Foodtrucks.

I adore many things in life:

  • Pierre Hermé macarons
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Meeting strangers and departing as old friends
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Manchester United
  • Sunflowers and poppies
  • Glengoyne Scotch
  • Deep and stupid conversations with comrades
  • Sun-ripened fruits
  • Midnight drives while blasting music

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